1/10 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins(Random Year)



If you’re interested in purchasing gold coins, then the Austrian Gold Philharmonic coins(also called Philharmonique), one of the most valuable gold coins in the world might be the best for you. The 1/10 oz philharmonic gold Austrian coins are made from very high-quality gold. The Vienna Philharmonic, quite often shortened to Philharmonic and sometimes incorrectly spelled as “Volk” is a legal bullion coin made by the Austrian Mint.

The Austrian Mint has had a major influence on the culture, economy, and everyday life of Austria, Europe, and the financial world for more than eight centuries. After a disagreement in the Holy Land, the Austrian Babenberg Duke, Leopold V, took King Richard the Lionhearted of England prisoner. A portion of the silver used to pay the King’s ransom was used to establish the Vienna Mint.

The Austrian Mint began making austrian gold philharmonic coin in 1989, and they immediately gained popularity, becoming the world’s most popular bullion gold coins in 1992, 1995, and 1996, according to the World Gold Council.

Each of these 1/10 oz gold Austrian Philharmonics is made of 24-carat solid gold, which is 99.99 percent pure gold. This is the best and purest gold coin ever made, thanks to a meticulous minting procedure. The Austrian Mint is recognized for its ornately etched gold coins, such as the Philharmonics, which show musical instruments honoring Vienna’s world-renowned Philharmonic Orchestra. Currently, the Austrian Mint AG, which is part of the Austrian National Bank, produces all coins. When denominated in Schilling, this gold coin was the most valuable among gold bullions.

Design of 1/10 oz philharmonic gold Austrian coins

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Main Highlights of 1/10 oz Gold Austrian Philharmonic Coins

  • Contains 1/10 troy oz of .9999 pure gold.
  • Produced by the Austrian Mint.
  • Each gold coin comes in a protective plastic flip.
  • Eligible for Precious Metals IRAs.
  • Bears a face value of 10(Euro) and is backed by the GovernmentAustria.
  • On the obverse, the Great Organ of the Golden Hall in the Musikverein, one of Austria’s most famous music halls, is depicted.
  • On the reverse, a detailed image of a variety of musical instruments is engraved.

Product Specifications: 1/10 ounce Gold Coin: Austrian Philharmonic

Specification  Details
Brand Austrian Mint
Weight 1/10 troy oz
Purity .9999
IRA Approved Yes
Denomination 10 Euro
Thickness 1.2 mm
Diameter 16 mm
Made China

Why buy 1/10 Philharmonic Gold Coins?

There disappears trusted name than the Austrian philharmonic gold in the precious metals industry. Get this gorgeous 1/10 philharmonic gold from Bullion Trading LLC and also enjoy the advantage of owning gold at the lowest premiums over the place cost.

When you acquire 100-gram second-market gold bars, you get an extraordinary worth! Due to the need for many-gram gold bars, makers of the much more noticeable additional market 1/10 philharmonic gold bars provide a much lower premium than various other sizes.


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