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Casting grains are small grains of purified samples of precious metals. To add precisely the right amount of precious metal to metal alloys, casting grains are utilized. Master alloys are grains of non-precious metals that have been smelted.
In order to preserve stability, certain casting grains may already contain the master alloys, although most jewelers or wholesalers prefer pure grains, so they may choose the final alloy percentage themselves.
Casting grains come in a range of karats, sizes, and colors. The composition of the alloyed metals, which ultimately determines the relative strength of the grains, is what causes the color variance. Combining master alloys and casting grains yields precious metal alloys that can be scrutinized for particular traits. These qualities consist of the following:

1. Scratch resistance
2. Color
3. Pliability
3. Tarnish resistance

Purified precious metal samples in the form of tiny grains are what make up pure gold casting grain; you can use as little or as much of it as you need, depending on what you’re constructing. Platinum, silver, and gold casting grains are the three varieties precious bullion vault provides. Master alloys, on the other hand, are composed of more typical metals like copper, nickel, zinc, etc. These metals may be recognized as the contaminants that are most frequently alloyed with precious metals.
Gold Casting Grain
precious bullion vault is now stocking pure 24K gold casting grains in order to allow our customers the freedom to mix and forge their own gold alloys. This is a fantastic opportunity because purchasing premixed gold grains is a bad idea. Every jeweler has their own alloyed gold recipe and mixing method. Additionally, if you purchase the premixed cast grains for a professional to cast, you run the risk of receiving the incorrect hue of the gold premix grains.
The casting grains and alloys are inexpensive. Therefore, purchasing them premixed and spending your money on the incorrect grain variety is not a good idea. Purchasing pure 24K gold grains separately and having them professionally mixed with alloys is the best course of action.
Silver Casting Grain
The two most common forms of silver casting grains are 24K silver, which is.999 pure, and silver sterling, which is.925 silver with the remainder being copper. The main component used to create silver alloys is silver grains. The investment or collection of grains is not particularly popular. When making silver products cast from alloys, silver grains are mostly used as the raw material.
Silver is available in three different forms from Precious Bullion Vault: pure silver, sterling silver, and sterling silver from the United Precious Metals #57. The latter is a silver product that tarnishes gradually. Due to its potential, investing in silver grains is quickly becoming a preferred choice among investors.
Platinum Casting Grain
Thanks to platinum casting grains, jewelers and blacksmiths can create platinum products with the desired ratio of platinum and base metals. Nowadays, if you know what you’re doing, you can cast platinum at small shops. In 1986, Ricardo Basta Eichberg became the first person to cast platinum. Before the 1990s, when platinum casting machines were developed, he learned via trial and error.
Precious Bullion Vault now carries platinum casting grains in order to give our customers the option of making platinum alloys with the desired composition. We offer two different kinds of platinum grains. They consist of the 95.2% pt./4.8% Ru from Johnson & Matthey and the 95% pt./5.8% Ru from Umicore.
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At Precious Bullion Vault, we provide you with three choices of casting grains i.e. Gold, Silver, and Platinum. All of our precious metals products are 100% authentic. We are a bullion dealer based in NYC that sells bullion coins, bars, and casting grains offered at incredibly low prices and rates. In addition, we ship coins, rounds, casting grains, and bars anywhere within the United States.
Previous Bullion Vault sells casting grains Monday through Thursday from 8:30 a.m. to 4 p.m. EST and Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 1 p.m. EST. Please call us at 646-362-3536 if you have any questions regarding casting grains or any of our other bullion products. Our online checkout is simple to use, and all transactions are safe, so you’ll never have to worry while buying with Bullion Trading LLC online. We hope you find our website to be informative and entertaining.
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