1 Oz Gold Coin – Australian 2011 Year of the Rabbit



Kangaroo coins that come in 1oz denominations may be the most popular gold coin to come out of Australia in recent years. Each one of these coins has a troy ounce of .9999 pure gold in them, making them worth a great deal more than the denomination that is listed as the face value. This has made the coin incredibly popular with people who are looking to invest fair amounts of wealth into a powerful commodity. Gold coins can act as a hedge against inflation or as a way to safely store wealth and cash out into a beneficial currency in the future.

These coins are some of the more intricately designed, making them also popular with collectors. The obverse side of the coin features a kangaroo with another in its pouch, along with several stars for the provinces of Australia. On the reverse side of the coin is Queen Elizabeth in breathtaking detail, along with the 100 denomination and the year that the coin was minted in Perth. This gold coin makes a fine addition to any coin collection, as the design on this particular coin tends to change year to year.


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