1 oz Silver Rounds Random Brand



1 oz Silver Rounds Random Brand are becoming increasingly popular among those who enjoy collecting coins and other forms of ephemeral objects. These 1 oz silver generic – .999 fine silver – random rounds are of high quality and come from some of the best private mints across the country.

The 1 oz 999 silver rounds random brand are a popular choice because it has low premiums over the spot price of silver(typically around 3-4%), so they are affordable for most budgets. These silver rounds contain one troy ounce of 99.99% pure, investment-grade silver (or even better) and have a beautiful engraving on the front with no face value. Still, some will have the number printed within the design to signify their weight and purity.

These one oz 999 silver rounds random brand are highly collectible precious metals. They vary in size and design but offer exceptional silver quality. Each selection of these silver rounds brings diversity and quality to your silver collection and investment.

We carry a diverse mix of 1 oz Silver rounds from many manufacturers including Sunshine Mint, Republic Metals, Golden State Mint, Ohio Precious Metals, Johnson Matthey, and other similar renowned manufacturers. All of these silver rounds are stamped by their issuer with the hallmark indicating the purity and exactness of the silver content. We offer random selection, meaning each order will receive different weights and designs, making every purchase unique.

Design of 1 oz 999 Silver Rounds Random Brand

Main Highlights of 1 oz Silver Generic – .999 Fine Silver – Random

  • Contains 1 troy oz of .999 pure silver.
  • Individual silver rounds come in protective packaging.
  • The Silver rounds you will get will be chosen based on availability in our inventory.
  • Obverse: Varies depending upon the rounds you receive.
  • Reverse: Varies depending upon rounds you receive
  • This is a great way to acquire silver bullion in small amounts.

Product Specifications: Silver 1 oz Rounds

Specification  Details
Brand Varies
Weight 1 troy oz
Purity .999
Thickness Varies
Diameter Varies
Made Varies

Why Buy 1 oz Silver Rounds?

  • Low premiums over the spot price of silver
  • Affordable – these 1-ounce silver rounds make an excellent addition to any portfolio and provide the opportunity for diversification by only purchasing one item.
  • Very Liquid – 1 oz Silver Rounds are popular among collectors who enjoy collecting each with its unique design, making them the perfect addition to your investment portfolio!


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