5 oz Silver Bullet Elemental Box (Contains 20 Oz)



Inspired by 5 oz Silver Bullets

Product Name 5 oz Silver Bullet Elemental Box
Composition .999 pure silver
Box Contents 4 x 5 oz (12 Gauge) Silver Bullets
Buy Silver Bullets 1 oz silver bullet, 5 oz silver bullet, 2 oz silver bullet

The 5 oz Silver Bullet Elemental Box from Bullion Trading LLC offers a unique product to firearms enthusiasts, collectors, and investors alike. Each box includes 4 splendid bullets, each made from .999 pure silver and modeled after the 12 Gauge shotgun shell, a well-known and frequently used shell in the United States.

This distinctive Elemental Box provides an excellent investment opportunity for those looking to diversify their portfolio with unique silver items. Each bullet in the box has a diameter of 0.81 inches and a length of 2.99 inches, making a significant and eye-catching addition to any collection or investment.

In addition to the 5 oz Silver Bullet Elemental Box, Bullion Trading also offers individual 1 oz and 2 oz silver bullets. The 1 oz silver bullet is designed based on the .45 ACP caliber round, while the 2 oz silver bullet draws inspiration from the .308 caliber round. Each of these products is made of .999 pure silver.


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