925 Sterling Silver Casting Grain (Per Ounce)


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The 925 sterling silver casting grains are one of the best materials for jewelers because they result in a smooth cast. The silver casting grains are stored in protective bags to prevent oxidation. This gives you consistent quality when casting with a bright-white lustrous finish.

The Features of 925 Sterling Silver Casting Grains

  • Form: Casting grain
  • Metal Type: Sterling silver
  • Metal Color: White
  • Purity Levels: .925
  • Liquid temperature: 1,639°F (893°C)
  • Solid Temperature: 1,490°F (810°C)
  • Specific Gravity: 10.4
  • The grains vary in shape and size because of the manufacturing process.

Note: Sterling silver is an alloy made up of base metals that reacts with the chemical found in the air and tarnishes. Sterling silver should not be exposed to high moisture, sunlight, or salty water because it increases reaction rates. You can protect your silver sterling by storing it in airtight packages with products like tarnishing tabs/strips that absorb harmful chemicals and moisture. In case the silver tarnishes, it can be cleaned easily by polishing with an abrasive brush or soaking in an anti-tarnishing solution.


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