British Sovereign Gold Coin


Bullion Trading LLC has selected the best gold coins with great historical value at a low margin. Introducing the most recognized and unique gold coin in the world, the British Sovereign Gold Coin, produced by The Royal Mint.

First originated in 1489, British sovereign gold coins were used as a worldwide currency during the height of Britain’s colonial rule. The last production of the original English Gold Sovereign coin was in 1604

Since 1814, all gold sovereign coins abide by the standard as follows: Per the act of 1816 (56 George III chapter 68), they must be – 7.988052 g / 7.98805 g weight after 1971 – 1.52 mm thick – 22.05 mm in diameter – 22-carat fineness – 7.322381 g or 1320/5607 troy ounces. British sovereign gold coins older than 1814 may fall below this standard due to abrasion and handling.

While the British Gold Sovereign coins have changed over the years, their markup on a jeweler’s scale has remained roughly the same, which helps identify them. It’s also easy to determine the spot value of the sovereign gold coins at any given time. This excludes any additional value a coin may have due to rarity, age, etc.

Design of British Gold Sovereign Coins

Main Highlights of Sovereign British Gold Coin

  • Contains 0.2354 troy oz of .9167 fine gold.
  • Produced by the Royal Mint.
  • On the obverse, the coin depicts a bust of the reigning monarch when it was struck.
  • On the reverse, A rendition of St. George riding on horseback and slaying a dragon, designed by Benedetto Pistrucci.

Product Specifications of British Sovereign Gold Coins

Specification  Details
Brand The Royal Mint
Weight 7.99 grams
Purity 0.9167
Denomination $1 Sovereign
Thickness 1.52 mm
Diameter 22.05 mm
Made South Africa

Why Buy These Gold British Sovereign Coins?

How to Buy British Sovereign Gold Coin From Bullion Trading LLC?

The classic British Sovereign Gold Coins are a mass favorite of investors and traders. Bullion Trading LLC offers you the opportunity to own physical Gold in the form of these unique and treasured British Sovereign Gold Coins at a low premium. You can purchase these Great Britain Gold Coins from our physical store located at 20 West 47th Street, Lower Level # 24, New York, NY 10036 or you can order online from our websites.


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