Pre-33 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin (XF)



e United States Mint, it features the iconic “Liberty” design that was in production from 1850 to 1907. This design is considered one of American history’s most attractive coin designs. The XF grade on the coin indicates it is in Extra Fine condition, characterized by slight wear with crisp details and a strong overall appearance. The Pre-33 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin (XF) is a highly valued and coveted item among collectors and investors, making it a wise addition to any investment portfolio or coin collection.

Design of Pre-33 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin (XF)

The Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin $20 features the iconic lady liberty design, which John B. Longacre designed. The observer side of this liberty gold double eagle coin depicts lady liberty in the middle of the cash wearing a tiara with inscriptions surrounded by 13 stars. It displays the manufactured year on the mid-lower side of the coin.

In addition, the reverse side of the coin features the heraldic eagle with a striped shield with outstretched wings and “TWENTY DOLLARS” written above it. This side is utterly encircled with the brand name “United States of America.” And on the top of the eagle, it depicts the word “In Gold We Trust,” rounded by 13 starts.

Highlights of Pre-33 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin (XF)

  • This Product Contains .9675 Troy Ounces of .900 pure gold.
  • This product is issued by US Mint.
  •  Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin (XF) was designed by John B. Longacre and minted from 1866-1876.
  • The pre-33 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin (XF) ‘s observer side features the lady liberty bounded by 13 stars.
  • The Reverse side features an eagle’s wings spread wide, with the denomination “TWENTY DOLLARS”.
  • Each coin is shipped individually in individual plastic sleeves.

Specification of Pre-33 $20 Liberty Gold Double Eagle Coin (XF)

Brand US Mint
Year Random
Weight .9675 Troy Ounce
Purity .900
Thickness 2.41 mm
Diameter 34 mm
Made US Mint
Metal Type Gold
Product Series Liberty Gold Double Eagle
Packaging Plastic Flip
Face Value $20
Edge Design Reeded


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