Platinum & Palladium Bars

Platinum Bars:
We are glad to be able to offer platinum bars at such competitive prices. Platinum Bullion Bars are the primary attention when investing in platinum bullion. Bar of platinum are preferred because of their large availability and vast product selection and to top it off, their low pricing. Investors and collectors of platinum bars will find their preferred sizing with favorable design and the relative price of platinum they prefer.

Popular Platinum Bar Designs:
Each of the mints has its own approach when designing platinum bars. Most investors do not opt to design as they focus more on investing purposes rather than collecting reasons. Nevertheless, the platinum bullion bars come in various beautiful designs. Some of the designs that are treasured and worshipped are:

PAMP Fortuna Series Platinum Bar:

The series is designed and developed by PAMP Suisse. On the obverse of the Fortuna platinum bars, comes the depictions of the goddess of Fortune. The goddess is blindfolded with the left profile bust and contains a cornucopia on her head.

Credit Suisse Platinum Bar:

Credit Suisse Bars come with the illustration credit Suisse logo with repetitive engravings on the back. These bars have their own serial number that identifies each of them separately. It also contains the assayer’s stamp, weight, purity, and metal content of the bar.
Argos-Heraeus Platinum Bar: The obverse contains the Argor-Heraeus logo with name styling at the center that features a ring with full name enlisted. The weight, purity, and metal content are engraved in the bar.

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