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When shopping for silver bullion, most investors turn to silver bars and silver coins as they are the primary silver choice.

Silver Bullion Bars are more affordable than other investments and are specially for people who want to soak their feet into the world of precious metals.

We, Bullion Trading LLC, offer silver bars with low premiums over the silver spot price. Silver bullion bars provide a hedge against inflation and help in diversifying your investment portfolio. Buy silver bar from Precious Bullion Vault.

Popular Silver Bar Designs
Silver bars are well received in the bullion silver market with some amazing designs that woo investors and collectors alike.

We, Precious Bullion Vault, provide our customers with silver bars range of 1 oz to 10 oz to 100 oz Silver Bar and 10 grams to a kilogram of silver bar.

The following designs are some of the well known and sought out silver bars designs right now:

PAMP Suisse Fortuna
Royal Canadian Mint Silver Bar
Engelhard Silver Bar
Elemental Silver Bar
PAMP Suisse Silver Bar – Religious/ Faith Series
PAMP Suisse Fortuna:
These silver bullion bars from PAMP Suisse are one of the most popular and most sought out bullion bars in the world. The obverse of the silver bar consists of Lady Fortuna, the Roman goddess of fortune.

This design from PAMP Suisse is praised and glorified by investors and collectors alike. They are guaranteed to be 999 silver bars.

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