1 Kilo Gold Bar Random Brand(New Condition)



Bullion Trading LLC is pleased to offer 1-kilo gold bars .9999 fine(New condition) at the most competitive price in the market. These 1 kilo gold bar random brand are issued by private and sovereign mints alike, are clearly identifiable, and are traded by bullion dealers all over the world. The purity, weight, and unique serial number are all inscribed on each gold bar, assuring that you receive only the highest quality. The 1 Kilo Gold bar is accurately weighed one kilogram or 32.15 troy ounces and is .9999 pure gold.

Because of their pure metal composition, 1 kilogram gold bars random brand are particularly popular among investors. Due to their high market worth, these items’ prices are easily earned. When compared to certain brand-name bars, investors can get the 1 kilo Gold bar – Random Brand at a cheaper premium spot price.

Unlike other gold bars on the market, you will notice that the size and weight of this bar are identical. Overall, this is the ideal option for investors to invest without having to think too much.

The 1 Kilo Gold Bar – Random Brands are all made by the world’s leading precious metal refiner and contain one troy ounce of .9999 pure gold. These 1 kilo random brand gold bars are available at a reasonable premium over the spot without an assay. The 1 kilo Gold Bar – Random brands feature gold bars from a variety of well-known brands, including PAMP Suisse, Heraeus, Royal Canadian Mint, Republic Metals, etc.

Design of 1 Kilogram Gold Bars Random Brand

Main Highlights of 1 kg Gold Bar Random Brand

  • Contains 1 kilo(32.15 oz) of .9999 fine gold.
  • Produced by the well-known precious metals brand.
  • Low Premium over the spot price
  • The individual Gold bar comes enclosed in protective plastic flips.
  • The obverse and reverse of these 1 kg gold bars vary depending on the bar you receive.

Product Specifications: 1 Kilo Gold Bar Random Brand(New Condition)

Specification  Details
Brand Varies
Weight 1 kilo(32.15 oz)
Purity .9999 Fine Gold
Thickness Varies
Dimension Varies
Made Varies

Why Buy these 1 Kilo Gold Bar Random Brand(New Condition)?

Bullion Trading LLC offers the 1 Kilo Gold Bar Random Brand(New Condition) at the most reasonable price. We have a physical store as well as an online store. When buying from our physical store located at 20 West 47th Street, Lower Level # 24, New York, NY 10036, you’ll be able to see other iconic coins firsthand. Also, we are known for excellent customer service.


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