1 Kilo Metalor Gold Bar .9999 Fine(New)



The Metalor Gold Bar is one of the most popular bars of standard size and weight. This type of Metalor Gold bar has high quality and has been in use since before. It was introduced by the swiss refiners Metalor in the 1990s. Swiss Refiners Metalor offers a variety of gold bars, and one of them is metalor Switzerland gold bar which is the perfect addition to the collection of any investor who wants to have a precious metals storage option. These Bars can be kept as ingots, in gold bullion bars. The 1 Kilo gold bar is the most popular among them all.

The Metalor Group, producing precious metal bars such as metalor 1 kg gold bar, is one of the world’s largest gold, silver, platinum, and palladium bullion suppliers. The vast bulk of the company’s bullion products is minted ingots or cast bars. The 1-kilo Metalor gold bar is one of the most popular selections. while most of the customers buy the precious gold bars from Bullion dealers in New york city.

Metalor Gold Bars are made using traditional European refining methods. The refined gold is melted down in a furnace and poured into a pre-fabricated cast thus ensuring that the finished product will be of the highest quality. Because of the extremely high temperature of the melting gold at this stage, the molds must also be made of extremely heat-resistant materials.

The 1 Kilogram Metaor Gold bar is individually numbered and has a 99.9% pure gold bar and is therefore 24k gold. When you buy a huge gold bar from a well-known brand-name refinery, you can expect a speedy resale or bullion exchange. Metalor is a well-known and well-recognized gold bar manufacturer. As a result, Metalor gold bars are good selections for investors with large sums of money looking for a high return on investment.

Design of 1 Kilo Metalor Gold Bar

Main Highlights of Metalor Kilo Gold Bullion Bar

  • Contains 1 kilo(32.15 troy oz) of 99.9% pure gold bar.
  • Manufactured by LBMA approved swiss refiner Metalor.
  • Individual Me Gold bars come in plastic flips.
  • Produced by Cast gold pouring process.
  • The obverse side features the words “Metalor”, “1 Kilo” “Gold” “999.9” and “Switzerland” along with the stamp and unique serial number.
  • The reverse side features a blank background with a rugged finish.
  • Each gold bar is individually serialized.

Product Specifications: 1 Kg Metalor Gold Bar

Brand Metalor
Weight 1 kilo(32.15 troy oz)
Purity 0.9999 pure gold
Thickness 9 mm
Dimension 117*52  mm
Made Switzerland

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